Maya New Year Fuego Sagrado Talk

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El Pueblo History Museum
301 N. Union
81003 Pueblo , CO
United States
38° 16' 2.5752" N, 104° 36' 40.4532" W
Colorado US
Event Date: 
Nov 29 2017 - 6:00pm
All Ages
Zach Werkowitch
Join presenters Eduardo Griego Gonzales Junlajuj B’atz and Angelina Perez to prepare for the Maya New Year Fuego Sagrado ceremony at El Pueblo History Museum. Eduardo and Angelina will share information they gathered over the last 15 years as students of the K’iche Maya of Guatemala. Participants will gain an appreciation of these ancient teachings and get ready for the Maya New Year Fuego Sagrado ceremony on December 6. Every 260 days a new year begins on the Sacred Chol Q’ij, the sacred calendar of the Kiche Maya and is called Wajxaqib’ B’atz or Eight Monkey. This is the first day of the Chol q’ij Calendar and celebrates a new cycle; during this day the Aj Q’ib (Maya Spiritual Guides) and the Maya community join to celebrate with Fire Ceremonies of gratitude to the Ahau (Great Father) and to pray for blessings for this new cycle. In this class, the facilitators will present the actual tones and glyphs and their meanings as well as explain why the Fuego Sagrado is performed to this day throughout the Maya world and describe each of the 13 tones or numbers and the 20 glyphs of the Chol’ Q’ij. Participants will learn the meaning behind the sound of each glyph and tone prior to attending the actual Fire Ceremony on December 6. This event is free and open to the public. For more information, call 719-583-0453.