Pueblo County Code - Title 16 - Sketch Plan Requirements

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16.24.010 Procedures and requirements for submission.

     Subdividers shall submit a sketch plan to the Board for review and discussion on site plan and general scope and conditions. The Board shall transmit such submissions to the Planning Commission for its review.

16.24.020 Contents of sketch plan applications.

     A sketch plan shall include the following items.  The number of paper copies, as well as electronic submittal requirements for application submittal documents, shall be determined by the Director of the Pueblo County Department of Planning and Development.  The Pueblo County Department of Planning and Development's formal application form shall specify the number of paper copies and electronic submittal requirements for application submittal documents.
     A. The name of the subdivision. No subdivision in the County shall bear the same name as another subdivision unless adjoining and using consecutive filing numbers;
     B. The name and address of the owner(s) and of the subdivider(s);
     C. A map or maps (drawn to an appropriate scale) showing the general location of the subdivision and the property boundaries of the subdivision area and True North, and significant natural and man-made features on the site and within one-half mile of any portion of the site;
     D. A map or maps drawn to a scale of 1" = 100'. See Section 16.24.030 showing:
     1. A lot and street layout indicating general scaled dimensions of lots to the nearest foot,
     2. Existing topographic contours at ten (10) foot intervals drawn from available data, such as United States Geological Survey (USGS) maps,
     3. The acreage of the entire tract and the area (to the nearest one-half (1/2) acre and percent of total area to be devoted to streets and to each other type of use);
     E. A map or maps drawn to a scale of 1" = 100'. See Section 16.24.030 showing:
     1. A lot and street layout indicating general scaled dimensions of lots to the nearest foot,
     2. Soil types and their boundaries, as shown on soil survey maps prepared by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Soil Conservation Service, and also a table of interpretations for the soil types shown on the soil map prepared by the Soil Conservation Service. (Requests for these maps and tables are to be made to the local Soil Conservation District; the subdivision does not need to be in a soil conservation district to obtain the map and table or have them prepared;)
     F. Reports concerning:
     1. Type of water system proposed; also documentation of water rights and of historic water use,
     2. Type of sewage disposal system proposed,
     3. Stream, lakes, topography and vegetation,
     4. Geologic characteristics of the area significantly affecting the land use and determining the impact of such characteristics on the proposed subdivision, and
     5. In areas of potential radiation hazard to the proposed future land use, these potential radiation hazards shall be evaluated.

16.24.030 Drawing requirements.

A. The scale of the sketch plan shall be not less than one inch (1") equals one hundred  feet (100').* Some variation from this will be acceptable in the case of large subdivisions provided the plans and design are clearly legible. Maps shall include the true north points, name of the subdivision, name of the county, township, range, principal meridian section, and quarter section; block and lot numbers. In the case of large subdivision requiring more than two sheets at such a scale, a total area plan showing the total area on a single sheet at an appropriate scale shall also be submitted.
B. The dimensions of each and every map submitted shall be twenty-four (24) inches by thirty-six (36) inches. In the case of multiple sheets, a key map showing the relationship of the individual sheets shall be provided on each sheet.
*Note: A different scale can be used if approved in advance by the Director of the Department of Planning and Development.