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Campaign Finance

SOS Campaign Finance Page

Beginning January 1st, 2010 The Colorado Secretary of State’s office took over all aspects of campaign finance for the State of Colorado. If you have questions about campaign finance, please contact the campaign finance team listed below.

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Access to Ballot by Candidate

Title I Article 4

Elections- Access to Ballot by Candidates

How to Run for Office - Candidate Information Packet


Elections Calendar

2014 Election Calendar- Find All Candidate Deadlines Here:


Poll Watchers Information and Assignment

What is a Poll Watcher?

There are three categories of observers who are permitted at polling places:

  • “Official Observers” are appointed by the Colorado Secretary of State or by the federal  government.
  • “Poll Watchers” are certified by your County Clerk and Recorder.
  • “Media Observers” are credentialed members of the news media.

Who May Appoint Poll Watchers?

Poll watchers may be appointed only by:

  • a political party chairperson on behalf of the party
  • a candidate in a nonpartisan election or an unaffiliated candidate, or
  • a person designated by either the proponents or opponents of a ballot issue.

If appointed by a party, poll watchers must be affiliated with that party. If selected by an unaffiliated candidate, poll watchers must be unaffiliated. Ballot opponents and proponents must be registered as such with the Colorado Secretary of State.

Watchers need not be registered to vote in the county where they are performing poll watching, but they must be registered to vote within Colorado. Candidates and family members of candidates may not be poll watchers in the precincts where the candidate is running for office.


How to Appoint Poll Watchers

Party, candidate and registered issue committee representatives may fill out the Poll Watcher Appointment List spreadsheet or form below, listing those people they wish to give poll watcher status to and the service center where they will be assigned.

Please submit appointment lists as early as possible. We will start processing of the poll watcher certificates about two weeks prior to the election.

We strongly recommend that you do not wait until the last minute to submit your list, as we will not be able to guarantee timely availability of completed certificates for those applications submitted late.

Helpful Watcher Forms and Rules


Certificate and Oath for Poll Watchers


Please print out and carefully read the state statute and Colorado Secretary of State rules below regarding poll watchers.

Other Information Regarding Watchers

Certification of Poll Watchers

Once your Appointment List is returned to the Pueblo County election department, all names will be checked for voter registration status and the elections department will create the appropriate number of Appointment Certificates.

You must pick up the certificates in person from the elections department, and you will be responsible for obtaining the signature of the party chair, issue committee representative or candidate representative on each form. This portion of the form must be filled out and signed in order for the certificate to be valid.

Poll Watchers must take oath of watcher

Upon visiting a service center, poll watchers must present a completed and signed Appointment Certificate to the election judge supervisor. Each poll watcher must have a separate Appointment Certificate for each polling place visited.

When the certificate is presented to the election judge at a polling place or service center, the election judge will administer the poll watcher oath. Then both the election judge and the poll watcher must sign the oath on the certificate.

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