Artery Walking Tour

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The ARTery of Downtown Pueblo

A new type of art walk - combining fitness with local arts and history.


Pueblo has been a city at the crossroads since its inception in the early 1840s when the first residents built a settlement for trading and commerce. After the Colorado Gold Rush in 1859, the city continued to flourish and with the establishment of Colorado Fuel and Iron (CF&I) in the early 1900s, Pueblo became home to one of the largest steel mills in the world. The rush of industrialization brought great wealth and arts to the community and city planners and designers built a livable and walkable infrastructure that remains to this day. The advent of the ARTery in downtown Pueblo in 2013 signals a new era where existing infrastructure is utilized to create a new type of ‘art walk’ to connect the community with the arts. The focus of the ARTery is on wellness --- balancing mind, body and spirit --- while combining fitness with local arts and history.


American Heart Association / National Walking Path


Walking Club for Pueblo / American Heart Association




Gregory Howell

119 Central Plaza

Pueblo, CO 81003

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