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Pueblo's City Center has three main zones within its Primary Market Area, attracting several different types of customers around the clock.

Weekday Walkable Trade Area

Getting around in Pueblo's City Center is easy on foot, by bike, by car or by city bus. 8,000 employees work inside the City Center district, and nearly 27,000 employees are within a 5-minute drive of the district.

Quick Trip From Home Trade Area

Every corner of the City of Pueblo is less than a 10 minute drive from City Center. Unlike the suburban sprawl seen in many other communities, Pueblo is a compact community. As such, on any day of the week, residents from throughout the city play and shop in the City Center.

Everyday Commute Trade Area

Two bedroom communities adjacent to the City of Pueblo also recognize City Center as their home "downtown" shopping and recreation district. Residents of Pueblo West (15 minutes to the west of City Center) and the St. Charles Mesa (15 minutes to the east) commute daily to the City Center.


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The Secondary Trade Area for Pueblo's City Center extends west to Salida, CO, south to Raton, NM, east to Lamar, CO and north to the Pueblo County/El Paso County border. 

For more information about the City Center Market Areas, please contact Kristi Alfonso, the Pueblo City Center Executive Director