Fun for the Kids!

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Before you start this fun-packed journey around Pueblo, start off the day right with a hearty breakfast from one of our many “ma and pa” restaurants, which are a staple of the Puebloan diet. If you’re looking for breakfast on the fly, run into Burrito’s Betty on the corner of Elizabeth and 24th Street and enjoy one of the local favorites: the breakfast burrito. Have time to sit down and take in the morning? Try a new local phenomenon that all the locals are raving about: the Potica Breakfast Sandwich from the B Street Cafe. Potica, a sweet nutty bread that is part of Pueblo’s proud culinary heritage, houses sliced ham and (optional) horseradish. The café also offers more traditional breakfast items for the kids and those with reserved palates. 


Morning Fun

After breakfast, start your day at the beautiful Buell Children’s Center at the Sangre de Cristo Arts and Conference Center at 210 N. Santa Fe. At the very beginning of your visit, you will have trouble getting the kids inside because the outside of the building is so much fun. The courtyard of the museum features the bronze children’s kitchen band and carousel horse, a unique waterfall, and a variety of wonderful flowers and herbs. When you finally round them up, they’ll be amazed as they pass through the entrance with two enormous globes hovering over their heads.
Once inside, the kids will keep busy for hours with a wide range of activities, including computer learning, dressing up, and discovering their inner artist by creating their own works of art. Food service is available inside, as well as a gift shop for souvenirs that will take them back to this special day.

El Pueblo History Museum

Two blocks west of the Children’s Museum is the El Pueblo History Museum, located at 301 N. Union Avenue. This is a hands on Museum filled with relics of the old west. An old-time fort will immerse you and the kids into a world of adventure that existed only a century ago. The kids will get to experience what it was like in the olden days of Pueblo during the 1800’s, as you tour this unique new museum on the actual site of Fort Pueblo. Amateur archaeologists will enjoy seeing the excavation site of the actual Ft. Pueblo walls unearthed nearby.


Ice Skating

Want to take the kids somewhere “cool?” Pueblo has just the ticket! The Pueblo Plaza Ice Arena is fun, cool, and open to the public. Never been on the ice before? They’ll even help teach you and the kids to skate.


By now, the kids have got to be hungry, so treat them to a Pueblo favorite: a delicious slice of New York-style pizza from Angelo’s Pizza…and don’t forget the green chili! You’ll be able to enjoy a gorgeous view of the Historic Arkansas Riverwalk while you dine on their popular balcony and take in the fun surroundings.

The Pueblo Zoo

The kids are going to “roar” with excitement when you tell them what’s next: it’s time to go to the zoo! Open year-round, the Pueblo Zoo is located at the beautiful City Park. Visitors, including those using strollers or wheelchairs, enjoy an easy stroll through beautifully landscaped grounds that lead to mystical adventures through the Serengeti Safari, the North American Grasslands, the Australian Outback, the World of Color, and the Asian Adventure. In the Ecocenter, the kids can explore a tropical rain forest, discover naked mole rats in their underground world, and watch penguins “fly” underwater.  The Islands of Life are waiting for your young “buccaneers” to voyage on a shipwreck journey to habitats around the world. Enjoy northern river otters swimming and frolicking, or visit the Pioneer Ranch where the little “cowpokes” can get up close to a variety of farm animals. Home to over 400 wild and exotic animals from over 140 different species, the Pueblo Zoo will be a lasting memory for the whole family! But don’t let your whole day “fly by.”


It’s been a full day of fun, and now everyone is thinking about dinner. You’ve been thinking about diner for hours, so it better be a good one. Bingo! You and the kids can sit down to a delicious American classic at the restaurant that is just as exciting as its name: Bingo Burger. With home cut french-fries, or their specialty (and local favorite) sweet potato fries, you and the kids can enjoy a legendary cheeseburger and a root-beer float to wash it down.

Weisbrod Aircraft Museum

This day just gets better and better. Lions, zebras, and now…airplanes! The Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum houses more than a dozen aircraft dating to World War II, including the huge B-29, "Peachy". Outside are thirteen additional planes… amazing relics left to us from previous generations. Boys and girls will be amazed not only by the planes, but also the huge collection of artifacts and stories which they will never forget. They will see countless display cases and exhibits displaying the original uniforms, personal gear, weapons, and other artifacts from all branches of the U.S. military, and also those of our allies and enemies. For Mom and Dad, the museum will also treat you to an impressive historical library, which is open to the public and houses over six thousand volumes of  military writings and fifteen hundred military videos, which include many of the original German propaganda newsreel films from 1939 to 1945.


Time to make a splash!

The day is almost over, but there’s one more stop that they’ve been waiting for all day: the pool, of course! The Pueblo YMCA houses a beautiful indoor swimming pool for all ages and a shallow pool for small children with a treasure trove of fun waiting for them to explore. It won’t take long to use up what energy they have left, and they’ll be collapsing in bed before 8!